Every customer service organization faces the unique challenge of staffing the “right person, with the right skills, at the right time”.  Our team at PEAK ProStaffing is uniquely positioned to meet the dynamic needs of our clients’ seasonal demands.

PEAK Work At Home Teams

Let us save you up to 50% of employee resource costs by designing you a home based program that works in your unique operating environment. Programs designed by PEAK-Prostaffing are field tested and proven to bring improved performance in all measurable areas.

Core Competencies

  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Tier One Technical Support
  • “Back Office” data base management, audits/updates, and purification
  • Outbound calling programs sales and service
  • Call Center performance reporting (Call Volumes, Productivity, Customer    Satisfaction, Etc.)
  • Work Force Management (Call volume forecasts and workforce projections)
  • Training Development and Delivery


  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater employee satisfaction and higher retention rates on an annual basis
  • Improved customer service and quality of delivery
  • Enhanced scheduling flexibility
  • Greater flexibility in hiring and a broadened recruitment base
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improved use of your infrastructure and systems

Consulting Services

Consulting Services and Solutions For Your Customer Contact Operation

WeReach for the PEAK by helping you design targeted programs to reduce costs, improve client satisfaction, and increase revenue.  We work alongside your team to analyze program results and drive improvement on an on-going basis.

By delivering tangible justifications for each activity with both clear outcomes and measurable benefits, we can deliver unique customer strategies that lower the cost of service delivery while improving the customer experience.

Through our team’s many years in industry, we have a proven record in helping you optimize your call center operations. Some of our strengths include the implentation of strategies towards:

  • Eliminating calls by providing better information to customers, increasing first call resolution, and reducing or eliminating transfers
  • Reducing calls through migration to Self-Help by enhancing web and IVR experience, and by analyzing migration programs and repeat usage patterns.
  • Improving the efficiency of operations through workforce and customer contact management, utilizing balanced scorecards and applying best practices.
  • Upsell and Cross-sell on every opportunity in order to increase average revenue per call and overall revenue generation.
  • Maximize return on your vendor expenditures by conducting operational audits of your existing technology providers and outsource partners.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction through quality monitoring programs and root cause analysis of satisfaction drivers.
  • Employ proactive retention strategies to reduce the costs of hiring and training, as well as the hidden costs of customer dissatisfaction caused by unskilled service agents.

Acting as third party auditors, The PEAK team specializes in:

  • Evaluating a call center’s strategic planning process, budgetary plans, and the operational performance indicators used
  • Assessing the different processes in place to forecast, schedule, and manage the staff in a real time environment, and provide recommendations and/or tools on how this can be improved
  • Determining the center’s utilization of available resources and provide input on methods to drive productivity. 
  • Analyzing current results to determine any potential sources of problems and provide recommendations concerning resolution
  • Reviewing the call workflows coming into the center to determine where improvements can be made
  • Assessing current technology utilization to identify the optimal strategy for your clients and budget.



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