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PEAK-Prostaffing consists of two distinct business segments:

  • Consulting practice specializing in overall call center operations.

  • Work At Home teams of call center agents available to support your customers at the most critical “PEAK” demand times.


Our Work At Home agents are dedicated and scheduled to meet your staffing needs on an hourly basis. They are only on the payroll when you need them! You pay for no “downtime”.

Capitalizing on a workforce of highly educated employees and hosted technologies available through the telecommunications network allows PEAK-Prostaffing to achieve an advantageous cost position over more established competitors.

PEAK-Prostaffing’s commitment to customer care extends to the discretion that we show in selecting which individuals are hired. We are proud of the fact that our rigorous multi-tiered admissions process is among the toughest in the industry.

In addition to our own strict standards, we always invite clients to provide specific details on the skill sets they need. This helps us narrow the search for your "ideal agents", and results in a team that meets your exact requirements.

PROVEIT test- Our business model mandates that prospective Agents are both customer friendly and technically adept. All candidates must pass tests that emulate your actual work functions

Call Center Data Entry Test
Call Center Basic Spelling Test
Call Center Customer Service Survey
Call Center Listening Skills Test


Flexibility in managing volume, the right people for the right time.

Highest caliber of agents, improved quality, productivity, and other performance measures.

Low turnover in your Agents as we minimize recruiting & staffing issues
Unlimited growth potential with no added building or equipment costs for your company

Disaster Recovery and support during inclement weather that might impact your other sites. “It never snows in the living room”.

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